Comments from Readers

Recent Comments from Readers

1) "We know that horses communicate with us. But what do they really say? Janice L. gives them a voice.

'We often believe so much in our own story that we forget that the other person listens from his own perspective.' When you read this sentence, you accept what it means. Because you realize that to be successful in communication you have to accept the fact that other people have other views, other 'realities' than your own. But are you willing to do the same when it comes to (professional) communication with animals?

Janice Ladendorf beliefs in true partnership in a horse/human relationship. In her book, 'A Marvelous Mustang' she gives words to what her horse thinks, feels, experiences and communicates to her. The books tells about equine needs, 'schooling', change, development, ... The discoveries and insights from the horse in the book are inspiring, always interesting, new. They are also proofs of a special sensitivity and a big intelligence of the author.

Janice Ladendorf is unique. Of course she wants that we 'open up' for what our horses communicate to us! And she persuades us with her own beautiful 'method horse'. I am sure that after reading this book, you will find a better way to communicate with your horse! It is a 'powerful' book because it can the horse's world. It can teach trainers, coaches, riders new values, views, qualities, skills, ... how to communicate with horses and help to see them as they really are. There is no doubt in my mind that many professionals will give this book to their students." 

Dirk Van Gheluwe, Belgium

 2) "This book helped me to continue to learn about Mustangs and I accept what the author presents as the Mustang's viewpoint. I have adopted, trained and found homes for several Mustangs and I have one that I cannot possibly part with ever, but I can understand him even better from what I read in this book. I wish every BLM corral facility had this book even at a reduced rate for people who really want to communicate and appreciate these fine special Mustangs."

Jay Butler

3) I’m only afraid of the idea of riding a horse. But this isn’t about me. It’s about this book which totally grabbed me – a love story really, and so cleverly written. I found myself fond both of the horse and of the woman who belongs to him. Then there’s the purpose of the story, I think, to make us aware of the fact that animals are sensate creatures to be treated gently and kindly. The psychologist in me likes the obvious fact that kindness and creatively careful timing do much more than punishment to produce the kind of behavior we hope to evoke. True for children and adults too. This book makes it hard to ignore that fact. Try it, whoever you are. You’ll like it!”

Mona G. Affinito