Reader Reviews

Dirk Van Gheluwe

"This is The Book that you must read BEFORE you buy a horse! I have three years of experience with my horse and I read all the textbooks on schooling horses that I can find. Only now I found The One that sees and tells things as they really are!

In my experience two camps make up the world of the horse: those who support control thinking (dominance, aggression, punishment) and those who support kindness (relationship, feeling, closeness). People like me who support to love the horse, and gentle and kind ways are the minority. Janice Ladendorf studied this approach closely and she demonstrates its power in her book. I can't think of a better advice to all 'control thinkers' then to read her book! 'Why not take the time to get an education in kindness and gentleness?' Because that is what Janice Ladendorf's book is about. And it is top quality! I hope that her book sells to as many people as possible."