Produced by Janice M. Ladendorf

Training Step by Step with A Marvelous Mustang

      In his book, A Marvelous Mustang, Skan describes how he gradually learned what he needed to know to live comfortably with humans. To help me understand him better and to improve my skills, I have studied hours of videos that show us working together. They cover many months and years. Clips from these videos have been put together to create this DVD. Topies covered are leading, in hand work, lunging, ground driving, and backing (breaking).

This DVD is a supplement to our book. It is available for $9.95 from my store on this website. Price includes shipping and MN sales tax.    

A Marvelous Mustang: Training Step by Step

This DVD contains the same movie that is described above, but it is in a fancier package. It is sold by Create Space and Amazon. Since our book is also on Amazon, I reversed the title to simplify linking the book and the DVD.

Price $10.95 plus postage.

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"I was amazed at how readily Skan learned and accepted orders from his human. I noticed how she only gave him small steps to learn and built upon that through which he learned to trust and be willing to do what she asked of him. The two of them demonstrated that with patience and persistence a wonderful bond of trust and communication can be achieved between man and animal."


"This DVD shows the progression of communication between the horse and his owner. It is done with infinite patience. The horse is alert and interested in the lessons and seems happy to be engaged. Although there are terms that those persons not familiar with'horse language' might not understand, it is easy to understand the lessons."