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Quest for the Silver Mustang

"A gripping story, hard to put down. Young Lisbet and her silver mustang search for each other through dreams as she makes her way through adventures that keep the reader enthralled. As one might expect from a retired research librarian, the well-researched tale takes us back in time on a journey through the American Frontier. Preferring the warrior status her loving father has taught her, Lisbet nevertheless is willing to dress and act as a lady when necessary in a culture with restrictive expectations of girls. Through highs and lows, we experience the reality of slavery, the hazards as well as the joys fo freedmen (and women), the skills and trials of the Indian population, of which her father is by parentage a part, the value and usuage of the guns of the time, the kindness and cruelty of which humans are capable. And, of course, as we might expect from her previous book, "A Marvelous Mustang: Tales From the Life of a Spanish Horse," we share in the pains and joys of horses from their own point of view. Even as the adventure plays out, we feel the author's sensitivity to the situation of those, including horses, who so offen suffer mistreatment as well as the kindness of those who care. Based on the ending of the story, I expect a sequel may follow."

Mono G. Affinito, Ph.D, June 21, 2012.


"In the year 1830, 14-year-old Lisbet McTavish and her father, who is a doctor, move from the hills of Virginia to Pittsburgh, PA where they board a boat that takes them to an Army Encampment at Fort Gibson in what would become the state of Oklahoma. Dr. McTavish has contracted to work at the fort’s hospital, as Chief Surgeon for three years. In their family they also have Maybelle, who was a slave but was freed by Lizbet’s late mother.

This book is extremely well-researched and takes the reader back in time to the American Frontier. Lisbet’s mother was obviously a very liberated woman for that moment in time and Lizbet was well taught in the ways of women’s lib before it was a 'real movement'. Lisbet’s dad has worked hard to teach his daughter to be independent and he is also a very learned doctor, scientist, and horse whisperer. All this was probably due to the fact that he is part Indian (Ottawa Tribe).

On their journey west they have many adventures as Lizbet and her father fight off men who want to harm Maybelle. The two hunt together and the Doctor tends to sick people in the ports that they visit as well as passengers on the boat. Lizbet, due to her Indian heritage, sees a beautiful silver horse in her dreams and the author introduces readers to a Mustang, who is also having dreams of being owned by a young girl. These passages lead readers into the spirit world of the Indians and readers will wonder if Lizbet will ever see the beautiful horse of her dreams."

Mary Lignor, Feathered Quill Book Reviews, March 2013. 

Quill says: "This young girl is a true wonder and sometimes it’s a bit hard to believe that she is so perfect. In her defense, she is very intelligent and a good daughter and also a good friend to all she meets. It is a nice story about young girl in love with horses."


"A wonderful book for all ages of horse lovers. Set in 1830 Frontier America, it tells the story of Lisbet McTavish, a 14 year old girl and her search for the silver Mustang she has met in her medicine dreams. It is a gripping tale of heroism, friendship and the love of a very special horse who has also been dreaming of Lisbet. Lisbet is a heroine through and through and I am hoping for a sequel to her story."

Nanci Falley, American Indian Horse News, Spring 2016, p. 2.