Horses from History, volume 2


Searching for the Real Frank T. Hopkins

Discover the real man and horse who were the heroes of the Movie, Hidalgo.

Born in 1865, Frank T. Hopkins became a dispatch rider for the army and a speciality rider for Buffalo Bill's Wild West. From 1877 to 1926, he won over 400 endurance races, one of which was a 3,000 mile race in Arabia. In that race, he rode a mustang he had bred himself. This race was the basis for Hidalgo, a Walt Disney movie released in 2004.

Before the movie was even released, a violent controversy broke out over its validity and the credibility of Frank T. Hopkins. Extensive research was needed to find the real man behind all of the emotional uproar. Verifiable facts have been uncovered and what Frank actually said about himself has been idenified. Many of his stories have been included in his biography. Also included are reprints of his unpublished and published articles about horses, horsemanship and endurance riding.

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