Spanish Horsemen and Horses in the New World

Table of Contents


Book 1: Vaqueros and Vaqueras                                                        

Chapter 1: European Heritage                                                       

   The Wild Auroch

   Cattle Domestication

   The Farming, Nomadic, and Ranching Life Styles

Chapter 2: English Colonies in the New World                           

   The Puritan Cowboys

   The Carolina Crackers

Chapter 3: Ranching with Vaqueros in Spain and Mexico          

   Ranching Styles in Spain

   The Hacienda System in Mexico

   Cowboys versus Vaqueros

Chapter 4: Vaquero Life Styles                                                    

   Housing, Food, and Hours


   Fiestas and Rodeos

Chapter 5: Vaqueros at Work - Saddle Design and Use               

   Spanish Saddles

   Vaquero Saddles

   Cowboy Saddles

Chapter 6: Vaqueros at Work - Catching, Throwing, and Killing


   Hocking Knife


   Limp Ropes


   Lassos (Lariats)

Chapter 7: Vaquero Horsemanship                                              

   Bosal Hackamores

   Basic Training

   Advanced Training

Chapter 8: Conclusion                                                                       

   Supplemental Material                                                                        

   Summary of Contributions

   Jo Mora - A Short Biography

   English Spanish Vocabulary

   Information Resources

The First Vaquera                                                                             

Book 2: Iberian Horses: From the New World to the Old World and Back Again

Chapter 9: Equine Evolution                                                                

   True Wild Horses


Chapter 10: Prehistoric Heritage                                                           

   The Garrano, Galician, and Asturian

   The Spanish Andalusian, the Portuguese Lusitano, and Sorraia

   Domestication and Specialized Breeding

Chapter 11: Historic Legacy                                                                

   Classical Outflow

   Barbs and Andalusians

   Fighting the Moors

   Reconquest and Outflow

Chapter 12: The Long Journey Home                                                    

   The Journey

   The Islands

   Breeding in the New World

   The First Horses

Chapter 13: The Criollos (Creoles)                                                      




Chapter 14: The Paso Gaited Horses                                                      

   Paso Finos

   Peruvian Pasos

   Brazilian Pasos

   Modern Breeds Today

Chapter 15: From Louisiana to Virginia                                              


   A Lost Breed: The Chickasaw Horse

 Chapter 16: From Vera Cruz to the Rio Grande                                 

   The Mexican Criollo and Azteca

   The Mexican Galiceno

Chapter 17: West of the Mississippi                                                    

   The Mustangs 

   How the West was Won

   Mustangs Versus Ranchers

   Remnants of the Spanish Horses

Supplemental Material                                                                         


   Information Resources

Book 3: Historic Fiction

   Morzillo: The Horse Who Became a God                                            

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