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For over fifty years, Janice M. Ladendorf has been training her own horses. She is the author of books and many articles about using humane horsemanship to build a parntership with your horse. They reflect her special interest in cross-cultural and inter-species communication.

Her articles have been published in magazines such as the Midwest Sport Horse Journal, Art History Magazine, The Gaited Horse, Apples N'Oats, Horse Digest, and Valley Equestrian News. 

The University of Minnesota granted her B.A. cum laude with a major in History. She has published books and articles that reflect her life long interest in this field. She also has a M.A. degree with a major in Library Science. In her further studies, she has focused on communication theory and analysis. She has been a research librarian, an inventory analyst, and an accountant. She is retired and lives in St. Paul, MN.

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                   Selected Publications of Janice M. Ladendorf, as of Oct., 2016



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A Marvelous Mustang: Training Step by Step is a DVD that is a supplement to this memoir.

Human Views and Equine Behavior: Self Fulfilling Philosophies and Communicating with Horses. Create Space, 2013.


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